Subject: Keyboard freeze.
To: port-i386 , tech-install <>
From: Kanghoon Lee <klee@Intellistor.COM>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/05/1998 09:28:02

I have also installed NetBSD on my machine at home, and now I have 3
NetBSD machine :-).  I, however, am experiencing keyboard freeze on my
home system.  It occurs randomly. Here is what happened.  I had 2
windows open, and on one window, I issued cp command to copy many files
from one disk to another. While copying, I moved over to another window
and typed in vi command to edit another file.  X seems to eat up some of
the characters from keyboard entry, and then after a while it locks up. 
Did anybody have similar experience?  From then on, I have frequent
keyboard freeze.   Mouse and other operations are fine.  I can open
xterm and so on, but I cannot type anything.  Ctrl-C, Ctrl-D, or
Ctrl-Alt-backspace does not work.  On first keyboard freeze, I can exit
window manager, get back to xdm login screen, and login again, but on
second freeze, I can get back out to login screen but I cannot type
anything and have to hit reset button.  Just before keyboard freeze, I
can hear a disk access.  Can anybody tell me why?  If all else fails, I
will try and re-install the system.  Skipping characters do happen on
other systems, but keyboard freeze does not happen on other system.  Any
help on this would be greatly appreciated.