Subject: Re: Still problems w/ PCMCIA Ethernet card
To: Ingolf Koch <>
From: Stefan Grefen <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/05/1998 11:18:47
In message <>  Ingolf Koch wrote:

> A local listen(2)ing server does not return from accept(2)
> when there is a connect(2) from a remote machine which uses
> the PCMCIA ethernet card. So it is for example impossible
> to telnet, ftp, etc to the local machine from remote via
> this interface.
> The other direction (the remote machine being the server)
> works well. I can for example mount and use a remote directory
> via NFS.

Does telneting to the outside work? Do you have ipf enabled ??
This would be a very strange driver error killing only tcp packets,
or packets containg a SYN if telneting from elefant works ....


> BTW, talk(1)ing from maus to elefant works. Especially the
> ring which is sent to elefant (using udp).

This a UDP protocol ...

> My laptop is running NetBSD-1.3.2/i386 with the patch in
> kern/6349 (see above).
> Regards
>     Ingolf
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