Subject: CCD and mirroring
To: None <>
From: Voracy <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/03/1998 14:34:26
Hi to all!
Although I've read the past ML, expecially the messages posted on July,
I've already a pair of question about a not so clear topic.

Starting from here: I have an NT4.0 server, that is acting as a file
server for a small lan; it is doing soft-mirroring [RAID-0] and weekly
backup on tape, and I want to substitute it with NetBSD as soon as

The point is: can I use reliable CCD for soft mirror the data on the
disks ? With "Reliable " I mean that if the master disk crash, ok, I
have to shutdown the machine ad swap some hardware, but in about 1/2
hour the server is again up and running, waiting for a new HD, without
needeng to use the tape to recover files.

Well, if I use NT, it's obviously non-critical application.

So, can I do it with CCD or it mandatory to buy a specific H/W ?

Thanks so long to all of You!!