Subject: Re: IPFilter Config; client configuration
To: David Guynn <>
From: Armen Babikyan <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/01/1998 12:02:56
At 10:20 AM -0500 11/1/98, David Guynn wrote:
>Okay, i'm back.
>My network looks like:
>	PPP Host
>        |
>	  |
>	NetBSD/i386 ---crossover cable--- NetBSD/mac68k
>I can telnet and ftp between the two hosts. I can ping and vice
>I set up to IPF the mac68k to PPP. So I did a experiment:
>MAC68k /etc/rc.conf
>So on the i386 I try to ftp and the same on the mac. It comes up
>on the pc but not on the mac. So how do I configure the mac?


IP addresses in the 192.168.* are not "real" ip addresses - there is no way
computers on the internet can connect to these addresses.

the reason you are able to connect from your NetBSD/i386 machine is because
that has 2 ip addresses - an ip on the fake network and a PPP ip address
assigned by your internet provider or whatever. hosts on the internet
communicate to your NetBSD/i386 machine using the real PPP address, no the address.  There's no way to access the mac from the internet
because it only has a fake ip address.

What you have currently is a LAN setup with one computer connected to the
internet, not a NAT setup.  go to
for a description of how to setup IP-NAT on NetBSD. Although I originally
wrote ipnat.html for NetBSD/mac68k, much of it should apply to you, because
you're running the same OS.

feel free to contact me if you have any problems.

If you did have any problems using that HOW-TO, but did end up getting it
working, please tell me, I'd like to make the document more cross-platform
if possible.


  - a