Subject: Re: IPFilter Config; client configuration
To: David Guynn <>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/01/1998 07:31:20
The problem is not on your Mac!

The problem is that the ftp destination host,, does not know
how to get back to your Mac's address

Unfortunately, there is really no way to "teach" how to reach
the Mac, since it's address is in RFC1918 "unroutable" (aka private)
address space.

So, you'll need to configure ipnat on the PC so that whenever it gets a
packet from it translates that into the PC's registered PPP
address.  Then, will know how to get back to your PC, and
your PC's ipnat will forward the packets back to the Mac.

On Sun, 1 Nov 1998, David Guynn wrote:

> Okay, i'm back.
> My network looks like:
> 	PPP Host
>         |
> 	  |
> 	NetBSD/i386 ---crossover cable--- NetBSD/mac68k
> I can telnet and ftp between the two hosts. I can ping and vice
> versa.
> I set up to IPF the mac68k to PPP. So I did a experiment:
> MAC68k /etc/rc.conf
> So on the i386 I try to ftp and the same on the mac. It comes up
> on the pc but not on the mac. So how do I configure the mac?
> --DAVE

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