Subject: Re: USB drivers
To: Michael C. Richardson <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/26/1998 08:32:31
In message <>, "Michael C. R
ichardson" writes:
>  However, a camera seems a bit of a complicated things to start with.
>I'm looking for suggestions on a useful, simple, (cheap) USB peripheral
>that would be good for debugging the host end of a USB driver. Does anyone
>have any thoughts?

Well, for "simple but probably completely undocumented", there's the
control panel Toshiba used on their Infinia series of computers, it's got
a few buttons, a knob, and (on some models) an LCD panel.  It's actually one
of the best USB hacks I've seen; you can play CD's on a machine without
waking up the display, and you have a software volume knob, and... it's
pretty cool.

I doubt it helps, though, but I'd love to have a driver for one.

I believe there are USB keyboards, mice, and scanners now.  I don't know
if you actually have to write a driver for them, or if the BIOS notices them
and turns them into a "regular" device through some black magic.