Subject: Re: USB drivers
To: None <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/26/1998 09:44:22
"Michael C. Richardson" <> wrote:
>   I was thinking of starting a USB driver project. I understand that
> cameras with USB drivers will become available, and that seems like to
> most logical interface port to me.
I've already done some work on USB drivers for NetBSD.  You can
have a look at
After working on it a few months I now feel I have a grasp of
how USB work, so I'm soon going to rewrite large parts of
that code.  But what I have now you can look at.

>   However, a camera seems a bit of a complicated things to start with.
> I'm looking for suggestions on a useful, simple, (cheap) USB peripheral
> that would be good for debugging the host end of a USB driver. Does anyone
> have any thoughts?
The problem I've found with the camera we've got, a Quickcam, is that
Connectix is not telling me the protocol they use on the bus.
Once they do it seems like a simple device; it only uses bulk
transactions.  But if you are looking for simple devices I suggest
a mouse or a keyboard, they use only the control pipe and one
interrupt pipe and if they adhere to the boot protocol they are
easy to talk to.  (I have drivers for those.)

        -- Lennart