Subject: Re: Continuing UltraStor saga
To: David Rankin <>
From: David Brownlee <abs@NetBSD.ORG>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/24/1998 22:56:54
On Wed, 20 May 1998, David Rankin wrote:

> First I wanted to thank everyone who has helped me get my cranky
> UltraStor 34F on the path to working for NetBSD 1.3.1. Thanks to an
> install boot floppy that has no conflicting drivers, I'm able to install
> onto my drive OK. The drive also detects my 4mm tape drive just fine. 
> The problem I'm having now is that mount SIGSEGVs upon every attempt to
> mount either / or /usr. I've tried using the mount from the floppy
> drive, but that doesn't help either. Of course, this doesn't occur for
> the install floppy kernal, which is what makes things so confusing. It
> doesn't help that I don't trust the card's stability (but I also don't
> know if it's damaged). 
	Some ideas:

	Have you run 'fsck -f' on the HD partitions.

	Can you mount the boot floppy from the HD booted system.
	(That eliminates the SCSI card from the equation :)

	Can you use mount_ffs directly to mount a filesystem.

	Can you boot the floppy, mount the HD root on /mnt, then use
	/mnt/sbin/mount_ffs to mount usr on /mnt/usr.

> Attached are three files. _INSTALL_RANKIND_ is the config for the boot
> floppy kernal, while _RANKIND_ is the kernal config made for me, and
> RUMPOLE is the kernal config I've built. 
	Looks pretty fine - I'd nuke any CPU options other than the one
	you have. Also when its all running fine I'd take out DEBUG to
	gain some speed.

> it.  Fortunately, I no longer need to ask for kernal compilation, since
> my wife has let me use 1.5G of her machine to run NetBSD. 
	Excellent :)


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