Subject: Dual disk multiboot
To: None <>
From: Kevin Cousins <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/21/1998 10:31:42
Eric> Due to a big crash on my netbsd machine, I need to use the
Eric> NetBSD disk in another i386 box.  Here is the setup:

[ cut > /dev/null ]

Eric> If I unplug IDE disk, I can boot from SCSI. If the IDE is plug,
Eric> I get the WinNT boot menu (Win NT, Win NT VGA, DOS).  I want to
Eric> choose what system I will launch without plug/unplug a disk.
Eric> The problem is that I have 2 disks. OS-BS wont work.

Eric> Any ideas ?

[I was once in a similar situation: NT on the primary master IDE disk
 in the PC provided by my employer, so I put NetBSD onto a full disk as
 the secondary master.  Here's how I booted the machine...]

As a first pass at a solution, you might like to look into GRUB: The
Grand Unified Boot Loader.  You'd have to construct your own GRUB-
bootable floppy, but that is relatively painless with NetBSD [using
'dd', though only marginally less difficult than using rawrite.exe
under NT].

Put your custom boot menu on the floppy [with just two major entries:
one for NT, and one for NetBSD---the examples provided show you how to
do all of this], then, just boot the machine from floppy every time!

Eric> PS: Can I re-use the WinNT boot manager to do this ? It's will
Eric> be a smart solution ;-)

Pass.  Next question, please.