Subject: Re: ISDN on NetBSD-i386?
To: None <,>
From: Peter Bentley <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/20/1998 12:20:21
> On Tue, May 19, 1998 at 08:35:50PM +0000, Sigurbjorn Birkir Larusson wrote:
> >   Next week I will get an ISDN line installed into the house
> > to use for internet dialup.  At the risk of sounding stupid
> > I'm going to ask if NetBSD has support for any internal ISDN
> > card for the PC that support Euro ISDN , and if so which cards,
> > and if not, I would love to hear from someone who is using a cheap(ish)
> > external solution that would work with Euro ISDN.
> I haven't got an ISDN line, so I have no experience of this myself, but
> you might want to check - it has a bisdn package that
> was supposed to work under NetBSD 1.2, at least.  

It needs some porting work to go into 1.3+ kernels to deal with config
changes... I was planning on doing that myself, but somehow my i386
development box became a master YP/NFS server so I can't really use it
for kernel hackery, so I'm a bit stymied till I get another box.

Also, the author of bisdn is working on a successor with a completely
reworked design...however he isn't willing to release any details or
source until he's done (his prerogative, I guess) so that's a bit of a
wait-and-see thing.

> There's also a mailing
> list that you could subscribe to (mail to with
> "subscribe isdn" in the message body).

I've been on that a few months and only seen one or two's
not a lively forum.

It would be nice to see a proper ISDN framework in NetBSD with multiple
protocol support (I have a personal interest in V.110 (don't ask) over
BRI and possibly PRI), but I don't know nearly enough about the
nitty-gritty of ISDN to even think about designing such a thing.  My own
plan was to get bisdn going (once I have a suitable box), then have a
look at what the Linux folk have done (they seem to support a lot of
hardware and various protocols) plus things like the isdnio interface in
Solaris and try to evolve bisdn a little. Apart from all the obvious
obstacles in there, I'm also pretty busy with other things, so progress
ain't likely to be astounding (I am, however, a willing guinea pig with
a Teles card and an ISDN line if anyone else wants alpha testers)...