Subject: Re: NeoMagic/Dell Latitude
To: Tom T. Thai <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/19/1998 20:47:33
We, too, went thru this problem with IBM 560X laptops that use the
NeoMagic chipset.  Quite a few modern high end laptops use it.  We got
a "FreeBSD" server from XiGraphics, like others have already
mentioned.  We use just the Xserver from the package and use the
NetBSD clients.  The XiGraphics accelerated X package costs $200.
I've been told that if you go to buy it from them as a poor student
you can get a 25% discount.  Otherwise, you can get a volume discount
from XiGraphics.

"Tom T. Thai" <> writes:

> I traded my ThinkPad760 for this Dell.  Just found out that my new
> Latitude uses the NeoMagic128 chipset.. and there is no driver for it
> 'cause they won't release programming info.
> Anyone know how I can get X running on this Dell?  I have 1.3.1 install
> and haven't touched XFree86 in over 3 years.. 
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