Subject: Re: NeoMagic/Dell Latitude
To: David Carrel <>
From: Terry Moore <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/19/1998 20:07:01

We went down this path for a Trident LCD graphic controller, with mixed
results (on a Fujitsu Lifebook 735, for anyone who is interested).

Tom needs to be aware that FreeBSD Xaccel doesn't work out of the box with 
1.3.1, due to the fact that our mmap honors the open mode flags (won't map 
a page of a read-only file for read-write).  We bought a copy anyway,
and bugged them about it (saying this was for NetBSD).  We didn't have
the energy to get into patching the binary -- couldn't get enough FreeBSD 
tools running to do the patch, due to lack of time -- so we waited.
Fortunately Chris Demitriou (thanks, Chris! -- hope I'm spelling his
surname correctly) posted a note about how to configure a Thinkpad that
used a similar chip; that was enough to get the Fujitsu machine 
running with XFree86.  

We really liked the Xaccel thing, but they still haven't released a patch,
and we're moving to 1.3.1, so we have given up on it for now.  It worked
OK on 1.3, but the PCMCIA support on 1.3.1 was mandatory, too.  Xaccel
is not very expensive; it was worth a try.  (We were happy enough with
their support -- at their price level, it's hard to make money doing

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> I have a couple Micron laptops here with NeoMagic chips.  I bought the Xi
> Graphics driver ( driver for FreeBSD and I use the FreeBSD
> compat code.  It works quite nicely.  I am using all the XFree86 binaries
> and just the Xig server.
> But you should definitely tell Xig that you want a native NetBSD version so
> their marketing people know NetBSD lives.  (They'll tell you there isn't
> enough interest, so just tell them to count you as an interested party.)
> Also call NeoMagic and tell them they are being buttheads.  They won't
> listen, but they're fun to rail on.
> Dave
> > I traded my ThinkPad760 for this Dell.  Just found out that my new
> > Latitude uses the NeoMagic128 chipset.. and there is no driver for it
> > 'cause they won't release programming info.
> > 
> > Anyone know how I can get X running on this Dell?  I have 1.3.1 install
> > and haven't touched XFree86 in over 3 years.. 
> > 
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