Subject: Re: NetBSD 1.3.1 + SpeakFreely?
To: port-i386@NetBSD.ORG, Jukka Marin <>
From: Jeffrey D. McMahill <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/19/1998 17:13:05
> Has anyone played with SpeakFreely on NetBSD?  I just got a SoundBlaster
> 16 Vibra and I'd like to start using SpeakFreely on NetBSD (instead of
> winlose).  Does it work out of the box?

I've played around with it (6.1c) under NetBSD/sparc, with some success.
It doesn't work right out of the box because it doesn't know about
NetBSD and you have to tell it what kind of audio system to use.
It's been awhile since I looked at it, but I believe it was not too
difficult to get it working by having it use its sunos audio routines.
I think there was also an issue with it defining audio_encoding_t,
which is already defined with NetBSD.

I wasn't able to get the audio input to work though, so I could
only get a one way connection.  However, I don't think that is speakfreelys
fault as I haven't been able to get any audio input to work, so I think
it's either (most likely) a hardware problem or a NetBSD driver problem.