Subject: Re: ByteRunner TC-800 multiport serial board
To: Jukka Marin <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/18/1998 13:59:21
>I guess so.  Too bad I haven't got the time to make the driver better.  I hope
>it is considered "good enough" to be included in the tree.  After all, it's
>almost identical to the boca and other multi port serial card drivers... ;-)

Yah.  (As noted, I don't have time to integrate it, really, but i hope
somebody does... 8-)

> > In a case where you _know_ you have a variable number of ports, you
> > probably shouldn't be config_found()ing things that you're not sure
> > that you have.  One way to be "sure" that you have something, for
> > instance, is to write a cheap, sleazy probe routine which just makes
> > sure that something is in that space, and assumes that if there's
> > something there that it belongs to the board.  (not an unreasonable
> > assumption.)
> Maybe comprobe1() could be called again at attach time.. [ ... ]

One way to do it is use indirect configuration.  Another is comprobe1,
but it's not clear that that'll necessarily do the right thing.
(e.g. from the looks of things now, if you compile in the 'ast' driver
w/o any 'com' devices in your kernel, you'll get a link error.  That's
technically a bug.  8-)