Subject: Solution! mpg123 with netbsd supports, sounds distorted!
To: NetBSD i386 Mailing List <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Alicia da Conceicao <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/15/1998 05:19:37
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Dave Huang wrote:
> > Which should mean that I get the full 16 audio support.  However when I
> > use it to play MP3 (which I can play with CD quality under Win95 using
> > winamp), on my Pentium 166 MMX PC, I get am able to hear every word, but
> > the distortion makes it sound like a badly tuned radio station.
> I'm using version 0.59n, compiled from the package system around early
> March, and it sounds fine... I usually use the "-b" option with a few
> megabytes worth of buffers to keep the audio from breaking up when I'm
> doing a compile, but if the system is idle, it'll work without any extra
> options.

Opps!  I just found out what was causing the distortion.  I very red faced!
I had my the volume on my output.master set to 255,255.  I used mixerctl to
lower it done to 128,128 and it sounds great!  :-)  Still I found it odd that
I was about to play AU files at 255,255 without any distortion but the mpg123
at that volume was severly distorted.  Oh well, I am now able to pay MP3 with
near CD quality on my NetBSD box, so I'm happy.

Sorry for bothering everybody.  Thanks again.  Sincerely, Alicia.
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