Subject: Re: Info
To: David Maxwell <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/11/1998 15:27:05
> If Mark wants to state that he has better luck with FreeBSD on notebooks, I
> don't want to see messages that say 'Don't talk about FreeBSD here, this
> is a NetBSD mailing list'. I WANT to see 'In my experience, that's not true,
> I have NetBSD running on lots of notebooks without trouble...'

I disagree.  If Mark wants to say "FreeBSD does the following specific
thing better in the following specific way," or "FreeBSD has a feature
NetBSD doesn't have", then that's fine.  But a blanket statement like
"FreeBSD has better PCMCIA support" is virtually content-free - what
does that really tell us?   In what way is it better?   Messages like
that really don't belong on NetBSD mailing lists, any more than a
message on a FreeBSD mailing list saying "NetBSD does FOO better than
FreeBSD" has any legitimate place there.

> Ted, the trick here is that you may never find someone who runs both
> OSs (brands, models, whatever) in exactly the same configuration who can
> give the perfect comparison. Feedback about success is useful though.

Content-free feedback is not useful.