Subject: Re: Libretto 50?
To: None <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jason Brazile <>
List: port-i386
Date: 05/09/1998 14:20:57
> (Christos Zoulas) wrote:
> It works fine. You have to be careful though when you install to exclude
> the disk blocks where the system writes its memory when it suspends.

Yeah I forgot to mention that. The BIOS hides this area from you, so if
you use its idea of the disk geometry you are OK.

On a related note, you can get into the setup screen (hold ESC
during power on) and turn off hibernation which is what I do.

> I just bought a ct 100, because
> [...]
> - battery lasts a lot longer and it charges when the computer is on

The 70ct can also charge the battery while running.

> - 50ct == 75MHz, 100ct == 166MHz.

70ct == 120MHz.

> - larger disk 

My 9mm 3GB replacement disk cost something like $250.

> - more memory

Good point. 50 and 70 is limited to 32MB which is fine for BSD, but...

> - 2 pcmcia adapters

I bought the expander which gives an additional card slot and lets me
use external keyboard/monitor/mouse. I think the 100ct has this built in
which is nice.

> (Ty Sarna) wrote:
> Everything I read indicated it was an active matrix screen, not DS.  

Yeah, I was thinking it was active too. However, Christos is right that
in bright light it can be difficult to see.

> You forgot:
> - costs ~4x as much :-)

Yes, the 50ct has a great price right now.

> Still, personally I don't find the Librettos all that exciting.  They're
> still too big to take everywhere (but would be hard to use if any
> smaller), so I'd rather have a Palm Pilot (and will soon, I hope).  

I haven't had mine very long but so far it has been great having it on
the plane, in the dentist office waiting room, and the car dealership
waiting room. Plus, I have now used it as a portable BSD installer (via
PLIP) to install it on 4 people's machines who wouldn't have done it 

> If I
> needed something more capable that a Pilot for occasional use, I'd get a
> full-size laptop, or even a lunchbox or old-Compaq-style luggable. 

The weight/size difference in lugging it around is noticable to me, but