Subject: RE: Upgrade experiences (i386)
To: '' <>
From: Gunnar Helliesen <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/31/1997 03:06:38
> > Here's an example: I had fetched the tar sets from the 'net and stored
> > them on a local disk. I only have the one disk (with three partitions: a
> > for root, b for swap and e for /usr) so I put them in /usr/distrib. When
> > I started the upgrade process I thought I would install from local disk
> > but then I got unsure. Where to mount it?
> This has been discussed earlier, and as far as I can tell there is
> now two menu entries in sysinst on the upgrade source:
> 	unmounted fs
> 	local dir
> The first one was earlier named something else, possibly "local fs"
> but with the same meaning, which was found to be somewhat confusing.

My question was: Can you upgrade NetBSD using tarballs downloaded to
either the root or usr partition of the taget disk?

My point was: The INSTALL doc doesn't say. It should.

If not, if you have to put them on another partition (or another disk),
where should you mount it? /mnt2? The INSTALL doc should say.

Never mind what I might or might not have read on port-i386 earlier
about this, I'm talking about how the INSTALL doc relates to reality for
someone who has never tried to install or upgrade NetBSD before.

IMHO a lot more handholding is needed in the INSTALL doc. Maybe it
should be split into several documents, MANIFEST, INSTALL and UPGRADE?
It's getting awfully long...

Thanks for listening,


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