Subject: RE: Upgrade experiences (i386)
To: 'Mike Long' <>
From: Gunnar Helliesen <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/30/1997 20:40:45
> /sbin/{nfsd,nfsiod,mountd} as I recall.

I knew of those. Anything else? Anyway, my point was it should be in the

> I usually find these with 'ls -ltr'.  The binaries with old timestamps
> are probably obsolete.

So did I but where to look except /sbin? All over the place? (Should be
in the INSTALL doc... am I nagging here? ;-)

> >OTOH, the upgrade of /etc was
> >nice, preserving the old /etc directory.
> You should not just install the 'etc' set if upgrading.  Perhaps
> INSTALL or sysinst should have a note to that effect, if each doesn't
> already have one.

I used the "custom install" selection. All sets were marked "yes" by
default and so I ran with that. Maybe if I'd chosen the "full install"
selection it would have omitted the etc set?

Besides, the old /etc _was_ automatically preserved and an upgrade _was_
needed, there are several important changes from 1.2.1 to 1.3.

The INSTALL doc is a bit confusing, it says in the "NetBSD 1.3_BETA
Release Contents" section:

" etc   This distribution set contains the system
        configuration files that reside in /etc and in several
        other places.  This set MUST be installed if you are
        installing the system from scratch, but should NOT be
        used if you are upgrading.  (If you are upgrading,
        it's recommended that you get a copy of this set and
        CAREFULLY upgrade your configuration files by hand.)"

And then it says in the "Upgrading a previously installed NetBSD System"

"The upgrade procedure using the sysinst tool is basically the
same as an installation, but without the harddisk partitioning.
Another difference is that existing configuration files in /etc
are backed up, and merged with the new files."

The latter would seem to be correct and actually works, for the most

As I recall sysinst didn't mention this at all.


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