Subject: Re: Upgrade experiences (i386)
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/30/1997 13:06:53
>From: Gunnar Helliesen <>
>Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 14:07:27 +0100
>I've just upgraded my 486 at home from 1.2.1 to 1.3_BETA (Dec. 23) and
>have some comments...

>I love this one (from the INSTALL doc):
>"Finally, you will want to delete old binaries that were part
>of the version of NetBSD that you upgraded from and have since
>been removed from the NetBSD distribution."

>I sure will! Some hints, please? I know about the nfsd binaries in
>/sbin, anything else? I know it's impossible to list everything from
>every possible version the user might be upgrading from, but the
>"biggies" from the last release would be nice...

/sbin/{nfsd,nfsiod,mountd} as I recall.

I usually find these with 'ls -ltr'.  The binaries with old timestamps
are probably obsolete.

>The INSTALL doc (and sysinst) says to backup critical files before doing
>the upgrade, again some hints would be nice. It came as a surprise to me
>when root's crontab file was nuked... OTOH, the upgrade of /etc was
>nice, preserving the old /etc directory.

You should not just install the 'etc' set if upgrading.  Perhaps
INSTALL or sysinst should have a note to that effect, if each doesn't
already have one.
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