Subject: Re: APM bugs!
To: None <carrel@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Alicia da Conceicao <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/20/1997 01:42:26
> I'm not sure I would call this a bug in APM.  When your laptop suspends it
> removes power from the PCMCIA cards.  If you don't tell the kernel to stop
> using these cards BEFORE that, then it will be very unhappy.  APM will call
> a suspend script (/etc/apm/suspend) before it suspends and you should put a
> line in there to ifconfig the interface down.
> As for PPP, what do you do before a suspend?  Do you kill pppd and ifconfig
> the ppp interface down?  When you resume, can you talk to the modem
> directly with kermit or tip and get responses to AT commands??
> You should be able to create a suspend script that cleans everything up
> properly before the suspend and then you can restart the ethernet or PPP
> interfaces as needed after resuming.  I have a suspend script I use to
> clean things up.  It takes care of removing routes, killing amd and a bunch
> of other stuff.  But it doesn't deal with PPP since I don't use it on that
> box.  I can mail it to you if you like.

Dear Dave:

But that is my problem.  Shutting down pppd, and doing an ifconfig ppp0 down
before a suspend will not prevent the OS from crashing when I try to use PPP
after my laptop wakes up from sleep mode.  As I stated before, the OS
completely crashes, right away, with a total system freeze.  I suspect the
problem lies with the PCMCIA modem card.  Mind you, I can use the modem
in Win95, after waking up from sleep mode.  Is there something else I can do
(in addition to killing pppd and ifconfig ppp0 down) to shut down the PCMCIA
fax/modem card before a suspend?

BTW, I am running the folowing interfaces, as revealed by an "ifconfig -l":
             ep0 lo0 ppp0 ppp1 eon0