Subject: Re: LS-120 support...
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/19/1997 17:27:45
> Looking around, it looks like it would probably be possible to modify
> 'cd_atapi.c' into, say, 'sd_atapi.c', which would drive disk-like devices
> on the ATAPI bus.
> Does anyone have the know-how to do this?  I could provide access to a
> machine, although I'd rather not reboot it more often than I have to.

I don't personally know what needs to be done to make ATAPI disk
devices work, but you might take a look at the NetBSD kernel sources
used on the StrongARM-based Digital Network Appliance Reference Design
("Shark") box.  They're available under  I can provide individuals
with the relevant sources (the sd.c that was started from and the ad.c
that was the result of the conversion to use ATAPI), if somebody's
interested in tackling the problem but doesn't want to grab the whole
source tarball.

Because of our starting source base, we (the people who made the ATAPI
Zip drive go, really 8-) ended up using Manuel Bouyer's ATAPI code
(which was later merged back together with the SCSI code and merged
into the NetBSD source tree), but there should be enough information
there and it should be close enough to the existing set of drivers
that it'd be possible to make an ATAPI disk driver that did the right

If somebody else doesn't do this, eventually I'll have to.  If anybody
is going to try to make an atapibus attachment for the sd driver,
_please_ tell me so that we can avoid duplication of effort.

good luck,