To: None <>
From: Marc Baudoin <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/19/1997 18:59:31
Perry E. Metzger <> écrit :
> 2) We have a clean fix, but it is going to take a month to
>    implement. That means it *will* be in 1.4 (which is scheduled for
>    late spring) but will not be in 1.3 (which goes to final cut within
>    24 hours or so.)

Well, as NetBSD 1.3 will be the first official release to support
PCMCIA, I think we can wait until April for the clean fix.  It's
too bad for laptop users (I only have a laptop, no desktop
computer, so I'd really like to have the PCMCIA support working
well right now) but a clean solution is preferred over an awful

> 3) Release engineering is an art more than a science, but one
>    important rule is "make no major changes 24 hours before the
>    release". We've been aware of the PCMCIA problem for a while, but
>    we've failed to get a solution done on time. The choices are...
>    a) delay 1.3 for months -- not just PCMCIA users, but all the
>       people who want things like fixes for literally thousands of
>       bugs.
>    b) risk the whole release with last minute hacks, endangering the
>       whole ball of wax.
>    c) document the problem, and treat PCMCIA stuff like it isn't quite
>       baked, which I'm afraid it isn't. (Once it works its fine, but
>       getting it going is overly tricky.)

So, choice c is the wise one and I definitely vote for it.

And I'll have to compile my own kernel to get NetBSD 1.3
installed, which is already better than having to patch it (which
was the way before 1.3).  I hope 1.4 will be a real pleasure to
install without having to do anything :-)

Anyway, congratulations for all NetBSD people's work!

Marc Baudoin   -=-   <>
Security On-Line Software (Solsoft) SA