Subject: Re: NetBSD master CVS tree commits
To: Chris G. Demetriou <>
From: Matthias Drochner <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/13/1997 15:22:59
Excerpts from netbsd: 12-Dec-97 Re: NetBSD master CVS tree .. "Chris G.
Demetriou"@pa. (2067)


> I made available to certain developers (ones who expressed
> interest and who i remembered at the time), with a standard BSDish
> license, a month or so ago.

That was the time when I pulled the alpha wscons
to my i386... However, I didn't waste much time, this
was really quick 'n dirty.

> If you or other developers are
> interested, ask me and I'll point you to it.  I have no more time or
> desire to work on it, and it has areas which need much work.

I don't want to build my own world, please point
me to your code. I'm not going to do serious work
on it, except perhaps where console device selection
comes into the game.

> 	(1) keyboard handling is a big mess, key repeat doesn't
> 	    work like it should.

I've seen that there is only support for 1 keyboard. This
could be insufficient in the future, when we get USB.
Btw, from what I've read, they are going to emulate the
classical PC keyboard controller hardware in the USB
chipsets. This means, the famous "gateA20" will be
controlled by the USB interface then. I love PCs...

The "event" stuff seems a bit alpha-centric. (I had
left it out in my "port".) To be able to provide emulation
of classical i386 X interfaces, this should probably be
done with a sort of md hook.

>	(2) no keymap support, etc.

OK, people want it. They probably want virtual consoles
too, which seems quite hard to implement.

>	(3) the 'sun' console emulation is pretty hokey (read:
>	    "broken").

I had used it as "ansi" terminal, and it was sufficient for
"vi" at least.
Imho, vt100 is still _the_ standard, and should be supported
sooner or later.

Btw: Why did you call the keyboard controller interface
"pcppi"? There was such a thing on the XT, but not in
newer PCs. Imo, the hierarchy in the i386 port
(mouse and speaker children of the keyboard) reflects
reality better.

best regards