Subject: Re: Linux netscape
To: Kevin Sullivan <>
From: Nathaniel Daw <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/10/1997 14:58:49
Kevin Sullivan <> writes:

> Has anyone seen this before?  Any idea of now to fix this?  Or, better 
> yet, any idea how I can get a recent FreeBSD version of Netscape with strong 
> encryption!

I haven't used Linux Netscape recently, but lots of people do, and
problems with it crashing have almost always traced to shared library
incompatibilities. Check out the relese notes, and I think there's a
list of which minor versions they link against. It's especially
sensitive to variations in libc, or at least it used to be.

As for a strong encryption version of FreeBSD netscape, I have nothing
to offer, but keep an eye on:

... which has unofficial binary patches to transform export netscape
into full strength. They don't seem to support FreeBSD yet, but they
might in the future, or you might be able to gather up enough
information there to figure out how they do it and make the change
yourself. (I think it works because even export netscape has
full-strength crypto built in; it's just set to only turn on when
netscape talks to a government approved server.)