Subject: Re: space the final frontier [was sysinst report]
To: Robert.V.Baron <>
From: Chief Anarchic Officer <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/06/1997 18:41:05
"Robert.V.Baron" sez:
 * YIKES!!!! I have machines with 128Meg and 256Meg.  I do not want
 * two coredumps on disk.  (Aside: I debug with ddb and would NEVER
 * want a core dump.)  I think that these large dumps need to be 
 * rethought.

This brings up another sticking point:

Do we ever intend to use an intelligent dumping scheme which will only
dump the necessary pages instead of the entirety of RAM?

Do we ever intend to enable dumps across multiple devices?

 * As I suggested before, a 32Meg root and 128Meg usr and the rest usr1
 * sounds good to me.

I think that what the "rest" is called should be up to the installer,
as personally I despise filesystems ending in a number.  I usually
just call the rest /u.  Or, occasionally, /x.


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