Subject: RE: NetBSD and printing
To: William O Ferry <WOFerry+@CMU.EDU>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/04/1997 12:04:26
(I had sent this to someone else recently, hope it helps you as well..)

I just so happen to have figured it out, and have it
set up currenty to share printers.  IE: I have a Epson Stylus 500 printer
attached to my machine red_scorp.  It can't handle postscript.. so I have some
scripts that handle the conversions for me..  Any machine on my network can
print to this printer in raw text or formatted (epson esc2) mode.   Here's how
I have it all set up:

garbled: (local dot matrix, pointer to remote on red)
lp|local line printer:\
st500|Color Stylus 500:\
red_scorp: (home to the st500)
lp|local line printer:\

[/usr/src/html] garbled# more /usr/local/bin/gsst180 
exec gs -sDEVICE=stcolor -r180x180 -dNOPAUSE -q -sOutputFile="$1" $2
-c quit

[/usr/src/html] garbled# more /usr/local/bin/gprint360 
exec gs -sDEVICE=stcolor -dMicroweave -sDithering="fscmyk" -r360x360 -dNOPAUSE
-q -sOutputFile="|lpr -h -Pst500" $1 -c quit

the above two are my PS printing scripts.. I use gprint to print a .ps file
with the form: gprintxxx  where xxx is either 180,360 or 720.. my
printer resolutions.. (the -r 360x360)

gsstxxx is a script to take standard input.. so I use it in netscape, and for
things like giftops bob.gif | gsst180 -

Tim Rightnour    -