Subject: Re: 1.3Beta
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/04/1997 11:58:24
On 04-Dec-97 Ty Sarna spoke unto us all:
# You know, I would just like to thank those who are responsible for
# sysinst.  Yes, it's imperfect.  Yes, there are plenty of areas for
# improvement.  But given that writing installation tools is a (apparently
# literally) thankless job, the people who undertook this project really
# are to be commended.  It's not fun work, it only gets used once by most
# people and then is forgotten about, but it's very important. NetBSD has
# been waiting for a decent installation system for a long time, and now
# that some people have taken on that task, I'd hate to see them stop
# because all they were getting was criticism.

Very true.. I think one of the biggest things keeping people from using netbsd
is the fact that I can use a droolproof colorful interface to install freebsd,
or linux, and for NetBSD I need a *calculator*.. Personally I prefer the old
way, because I'm used to it.. but the first time I did it it took about 3 shots
before I got anything useful..  Sysinst is putting us light-years ahead of
where we were at 1.2 as far as user-friendliness, and thats vital to our user

Big thank yous to the developers of it..

Tim Rightnour    -