Subject: Re: sysinst report [was: 1.3Beta]
To: Jonathan Stone <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/04/1997 20:38:00
> >2. In sysinst, most menu's end with an x (exit) option.  This
> >   is really gets you to the next menu so why not call it n (next).
> It doesn't always mean `next', often it means `go back to parent'.
> I'd prefer to just use 'x' consistently to mean `leave this menu' (
> change the `e' in the main menu to be 'x') and have the documentation
> clarify what happens where.
> Would you  be unhappy with that?

I would.  From the point of view of the user, you migrate from one
screen to another as you provide additional details about how you want
the install to proceed.  the actual call/return structure of which
menu calls which is irrelevant to the UI.

A forward/back structure for the install screens would be much easier
to navigate; if you realized that (for instance) you made a mistake on
a previous screen after moving on, you can always move back to change
your entry and then move forward again.

					- Bill