Subject: Re: packages (pkg)
To: Robert.V.Baron <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/04/1997 14:03:40
On Thu, 4 Dec 1997 14:40-EST 
 "Robert.V.Baron" <> wrote:

 > I didn't see the pkgsrc tarball in the installation kit.  I hope it will
 > be released as part of 1.3.  I grabbed the pkgsrc.tar.gz from the sup'ed
 > tar_files and unrolled it.  I installed it, built perl and am pleased!

Cool, glad it worked!

The reason it's not shipped as part of the release (or even tagged) is
because it's dependent on external sources.  I.e. the external maintainer
of some package could release a new version, delete the old, and the
pkgsrc for that would have to be updated.  It's just too (potentially)

 > Questions:
 > 	Why do we install packages to /usr/pkg vs /usr/local

The idea is that /usr/local is _totally_ up to the user to frob with.
/usr/pkg is analogous to /opt on SVR4 systems - packages more-or-less
supplied by the vendor to be installed on the system.  (The intent here
is to supply binary versions of the packages so that a user doesn't
have to use /usr/pkgsrc.)

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