Subject: Re: 1.3Beta
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/04/1997 14:22:01
> >> Why doesn't the GENERIC kernel include pms0 -- how can you run X.
> >The probe sometimes caused trouble as I recall. If you need the
> >driver, well, you *should* be building your own kernels
> >anyway. GENERIC is really just to get you started.
> I'm pretty sure that the problem with pms.c is the dubious lines:
> that do
>        pms_pit_cmd(PMS_INT_DISABLE);
> in match and close.  Once you eliminate them, I don't seem to
> see any problems with the mouse.

Can you please explain why these lines are dubious?  From what I
can see the corresponding PMS_INT_ENABLE thing is done in the
open routine.

Doing an #if 0/#endif around the PMS_INT_DISABLE calls didn't
seem to help on *my* PS/2 mouse problem, which is that it works
exactly for one open/close session after reboot.

- H=E5vard