Subject: Re: Lab machines - some questions
To: Phil Knaack <>
From: Tom T. Thai <>
List: port-i386
Date: 12/03/1997 18:59:17
> Speaking purely from the point of view of someone who administers a lab
> of computers for people who are .. well lets face it, mostly clueless,
> telling users to hit control-alt-delete (a key sequence that everyone who
> has ever worked with PCs knows about) is a lot easier than teaching them to
> log in and type /sbin/shutdown, just so they can go run loose95.
> [Just my 2 cents.]

If the person is running "loose95," then c-a-d might not make any sense to
them either:

me: hit c-a-d to reboot the system
them: huh? what's reboot?
me: reboot is like start/shutdown or what a windows95 system will do quite
frequently due to it's well thought out design
them: oh ok.  how do I get to Windows95?
me: hit C o n t r o l - A l t - D e l e t e
them: where's that?
me: look at the keyboard, there are three keys labeled Ctl, Alt, and Del.
Press all of them down to reboot.
them: it didn't work.
me: how did you do it?
them: I press Ctr, then Alt, then Del
me: press all three keys down simutaneously
them: I can't reach all of them
me: use your other hand
them: oh, ok

(5 mins later)
them: Windows95 just froze
me: it's normal, don't worry about it

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