Subject: Re: Cyrix / AMD?
To: Kevin Van Maren <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/29/1996 01:26:36
>>How good are the Cyrix and AMD CPU's?  Are there any problems running NetBSD
>>on them?  Any patches required?  How about the speed?  Heat problems?  The
>>non-Intel versions seem to be much cheaper, so they're very interesting to

>The Cyrix 6x86 (and IBM) are good chips -- I'd recommend the
>P166+, as it runs at 66MHz bus speed.  The P200+ runs at 75,
>It will run 16bit DOS better than a Pentium Pro, and run 32bit

But, the 16bit stuff it runs faster is getting to be a very small part
of the current world of software.

Yes, the Cyrix chips seem like neat chips, and they're definitely a
great bang for the buck.

But don't be mistaken into thinking they're as fast, or almost as
fast, as a Pentium Pro (running NetBSD, anyway), because they're only
about half way there (between a comparably clocked Pentium and Pentium

The Cyrix chips are great if you want something pretty fast on a good
budget.  If you have enough money to go all-out, the Pentium Pro
currently can't be touched by anything that runs NetBSD, except a
pretty hefty Alpha.

Just FYI...

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