Subject: Re: Virtual Memory Subsystem
To: None <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/26/1996 09:27:18
> > This is the well-known "swap-leak" bug. What happens is that swap
> > space allocated to a VM object is never deallocated until the VM
> > object is destroyed.

> I would have thought this would be fixed by now.  I consider this a major
> issue and reason enough to switch to another OS, and I'm sure many other
> people think this as well.

[beware of your blood pressure]

Well, it doesn't always seem to matter what the end-users think.  There are
a few annoying misfeatures in NetBSD that (IMHO) should have been fixed on
day #1, but haven't.  This VM thing may not be fixed for another 3 years, I
guess.  I would also appreciate it if my machines didn't come to a complete
halt when I run out of RAM.

Well, I guess it's much more productive to argue about sendmail vs. qmail
than to actually fix problems in the OS.... >;)

BTW, if anyone needs Cyclades or A2232 serial cards under 1.2, I have ported
the drivers to 1.2 now.  I'm sure they don't look good enough to be included
in the tree, but they do work.

No flames, please - we've gone through that many times enough.



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