Subject: Re: Two EISA card questions
To: Dan Engholm <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/20/1996 21:09:35
> We have an 486/33 HP PC that we're setting up as our Web server.  It was
> previously our Novell server and in that configuration it had a 32-bit
> EISA doal Ethernet card.  It's a smokin' NIC but it appears to be
> unsupported by NetBSD.  I'm wondering if anyone has patches that would
> allow us to run this card instead of the 16-bit ISA card we're using now.
> The card is labeled as being an SMC8033W.

There is no driver for this card.  (I have one, wouldn't mind being
able to use it with NetBSD... 8-)

Apparently the NIC is pretty close to the one driven by NetBSD's 'fe'

Charles Hannum has the only copy of the programming documentation i
had for the board (for a long time, he had the board, and the machine
it was in, too 8-), but apparently it's not too accurate.

I also have a disk from SMC that's got a couple of programming
examples (i think they said that it was the source for the confidence
test program that could be used to test the board, but i forget)...
However, i've not looked at that in a long time (though i know where
it is).

Eventually, i'm probably going to take a whack at making the board
work, but it doesn't work yet, and i've been saying that i'm gonna
give it a try since before NetBSD existed...  8-)