Subject: PPP problems
To: None <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Brian C. Grayson <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/16/1996 22:25:25
  Ever since I started tracking 1.2-current, PPP has been
misbehaving.  I can sup and ftp files from other machines fine,
but when I try to 'put' a file, the first several packets get
shipped, and then things just sort of hang.  Occasionally, the
file will eventually get through, at a rate of around 200
bytes/sec (this is with a 14.4 modem, and receives flow around
1.4K/sec).  Sometimes I get a 'connection reset by peer'
message, instead.  CVS also no longer works over the net (too
many timeouts, IIRC).

  I added the patches to routed as mentioned recently, and it
doesn't help.  I also downloaded the GENERICOTHER 1.2 kernel,
and it has the same problems.  I tried a 1.1 routed, but that
didn't help the 1.2 kernels.  I added if=ppp0 no_rip to
/etc/gateways, as suggested on the lists, with no improvements.

  When I boot up one of my 1.1-current kernels that I happened
to have around, everything works (except reboot/halt [*]), even
though all of userland is 1.2-current.  (Of course, sends and
receives both flow around 1.4K/sec binary with this setup.)

  It's probably some sort of a configuration problem, but
everything used to Just Work.  I still get 'ifinit: out of sync'
messages from routed, with _all_ kernels and either
routed-current or routed-patched-current.

  I also occasionally (but not always) get 
static route --> impossibly lacks ifp
but that seems to be independent from my problem.

  Anybody got any ideas?  I can provide more details if needed.
My -current is from around Nov. 8.  For the moment, at least, I
can just link /netbsd to /netbsd-1.1, and still be productive.

  Thanks for any info!


[*]  I wrote a wrapper that checks `uname -r` to see whether or
not it should call the 1.2-current halt or the 1.1 halt, to
avoid several minutes of fsck'ing on reboot after using 1.1.
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