Subject: Re: 3c900 PCI ethernet card
To: Jim Rees <>
From: Andrew Y Ng <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/29/1996 15:51:07
On Sun, 29 Sep 1996, Jim Rees wrote:
>   I'm having similar problems with my 3c590 pci ethernet card.
>   the card just freezes when someone try to request a large number of packets
>   from my machine. 

my server just freezed when I got back from lunch at the UC.  :(
good to know that I'm not the only who has this problem.

> The OpenBSD driver is essentially the same as the NetBSD, and fails in the
> same way.
> I suggest checking the FreeBSD driver.  I heard they know what the problem
> is and might even have a fix.

Cool, but it's sort of a pain to merge the FreeBSD binaries to Net,
i haven't config those things yet.  :(

Please let me know if any of u guys get any luck with the FreeBSD driver,
if that really works, I will actually try to figure out the compatibility


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