Subject: Re: Installing off an MSDOS HD
To: Daniel J. O'Connor <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/27/1996 11:40:58
"Daniel J. O'Connor" writes:
> Anyway, the point is, there aren't any docs
> about mouting MS-DOS drives under NetBSD when you are installing, you
> can install of MS-DOS floppies tho. I (eventually) figured out how to
> mount MSDOS drives, but when I used disklabel it mangled the boot
> program(not much of a problem since you can just rewrite it). Are
> there any docs about how to do this properly? The mount_msdos man page
> is pretty useless since it doesn't tell you how to use disklabel...
> I would be willing to write a section about installing of DOS drives
> in the new install document unless it is already done.

No documentation exists. Good documentation is always appreciated. I
guarantee that I will commit any new documentation that gets
send-pr'ed to the post 1.2 tree.