Subject: Re: Intel Endeavor board support
To: Tom Trebisky <>
From: John Dyson <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/23/1996 15:21:47
> Hello,
> I will soon be working with an Intel Endeavor Motherboard (Advanced/EV),
> and wanted to ask about running NetBSD on it.  It is a pentium motherboard
> with a fancy onboard IDE interface (among other things).  I notice that
> Linux has a driver for this, but haven't seen anything about it in the
> NetBSD tree.  The upshot of this is that if anyone is working on this,
> I would like to know, otherwise I will look into doing a driver myself.
> Given the literature on the Intel chip (82371, aka triton), and the Linux
> driver this should be doable.
FreeBSD will use whatever settings the bios choses for the interface,
and likewise I believe that NetBSD will also.  Neither OS uses DMA, even
though FreeBSD has some initial code to support it.  Don't expect a
significant perf improvement using IDE DMA.  The Mode4 PIO transfers
to help alot though (I get approx 5-6MBytes/sec easily through the