Subject: Re: large memory in i386
To: <>
From: Michael Robinson <Michael.Robinson@Comp.VUW.AC.NZ>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/11/1996 10:30:50
Michael Robinson writes:
>"Perry E. Metzger" writes:
>>Michael Robinson writes:
>>> Ever since we put an extra 32MB of memory in our i386 server, (running
>>> NetBSD 1.1, bringing it to 128MB) we've seen it reboot about every day
>>> on average.  There appears to be no particular reason it does this.
>>> I've increased NMBCLUSTERS to 1024, NKMEMCLUSTERS to 8192, and NKPDE to 32,
>>> as what I've read suggests, but this hasn't helped -- indeed, the new
>>> kernel does not usually make it through /etc/rc.  
>>Is it possible that you are suffering from a defect in your new
>>memory, and not from a true software problem?
>Yup.  I'll investigate that tomorrow, probably by the simple expedient of
>taking the new memory out.

It started rebooting about every 20 minutes.  We took the memory out.  As I
speak, it has been up 40 minutes.  Why does one always overlook the obvious
things?  Thanks, Perry.
	-- smrf.