Subject: Re: AMD 586 dx4 133 support
To: Rahim Azizarab <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/10/1996 19:10:15
>> >  That would be me that flipk is buying the board/chip from.  I think it
>> >might be important to note that for all discernable purposes the chip is
>> >nothing more than a 133mhz 486.  The whole naming scheme for the chip
>> >(which is officially Am5x86(tm)-P75) seems to be just a marketing scheme
>> >for AMD.  All the digs on the chip can be seen here if you're curious: 
>> >

>This chip actually can do 160mhz if it says ADZ on it. You need to set the
>jumpers for 40MHZ then the chip will do 160mhz. I have one of these it does

And it won't, if it says ADW.  Don't bother.  I tried.  And I had my
heat sink/fan glued on there real tight with heat sink compound. :-)

Still, at 133MHz, it definitely gives me better performance in almost
every test (never less, anyway, but sometimes close to the same) as my
old 486DX2 80MHz.

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