Subject: Re: Best Pent Motherboard?
To: None <>
From: Dan J. Fraser <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/08/1996 13:12:30
On Sun, 8 Sep 1996, Mister Gandalf wrote:
> What's the best Pentium MB, SCSI controller, and video for NetBSD &
> XFree/AccelX?

I have no idea.  I'm buying my PC for Windows, specifically.

I bought a 486DX4 for BSD, with a very minimal configuration, and then
will just be running an X server on my Windows box.

This is the Windows machine that I'm getting:

Item                             USD price       CDN price  Store 
-------------------------------- --------------- ---------  ---------
ASUS PCI/I-P55T2P4-256           $169.00USD       $236.00   Atipa
NCR 810 Fast SCSI                 $76.00USD       $106.40   Venkat
ASUS PS/2 Mouse Option            $12.00USD        $16.00   Venkat
Intel Pentium 133                $218.00USD       $305.00   Atipa
4x32x60 16MB 72-pin SIMM                          $138.00   NAN
4x32x60 16MB 72-pin SIMM                          $138.00   NAN
MGA Millennium 2MB Retail        $247.00USD       $345.00   Atipa 
Mid-tower Case + Power Supply                      $65.00   ?
MouseSystems PC Optical Mouse     $59.00USD        $82.00   MouseSystems
10baseT/10base2 ISA ethernet                       $45.00   CounterParts
                                          Total  $1494.00 
WD Caviar 2.14GB 11ms            $289.00USD       $404.60  Atipa
High-capacity SCSI tape drive

Venkat       --
Atipa        --
MouseSystems --
HammerD      --
Twin Prop    -- 519-433-0560
CounterParts -- 519-679-7290

Dan J. Fraser --      
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