Subject: Re: DMA ISA
To: Robert Niles <>
From: Nick Loman <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/05/1996 18:03:44
On Thu, 5 Sep 1996, Robert Niles wrote:

> Last night my HD went down so I tried to configure a SCSI 2GB HD
> for use with NetBSD. When creating a new file system for the drive
> I received errors to the effect that DMA was too large for ISA.
> I couldn't get around that problem. Next I tried to bring up
> two IDE HDs It would recognize the first, but not the second. I have
> no idea why, because both drives are definately good.
> Tried: 1542 controller for SCSI  HD

I know this one! If you have more than 16mb of RAM you cannot use
a 16-bit SCSI controller with NetBSD. There are patches available,
but your best bet is to upgrade to a 32-bit controller, or to
remove 8mb from your machine.

Ooh, I'm getting into this mailing list stuff :)