Subject: Jaz/Zip drives (was Re: new 1.2BETA /i386 install floppies and kernels)
To: Webmaster Jim <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/05/1996 10:13:57
My, this thread is long.

On Thu, 5 Sep 1996, Webmaster Jim wrote:

: I made up a disktab entry, newfs, mount and voila!  I think this is
: wonderful!  This is probably a FAQ, but here's my disktab for the jaz
: drive:
: jaz1gb|Iomega Jaz 1GB: \
:         :ty=winchester:dt=ESDI:se#512:nt#64:ns#32:nc#1021:rm#3600:\
:         :pa#:oa#0:ba#4096:fa#512:ta=4.2BSD: 

ESDI?  <chuckle>

Has anyone considered just newfsing and mounting the raw ('c', 'a', etc.) 
partition, if usage of the msdos Zip/Jaz disk format (which uses a fdisk
style label) isn't necessary? I've been using a Zip drive on NetBSD/amiga
and OpenBSD/i386 using the raw partition and fake geometry just fine for
some time now. 

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