Subject: Re: new 1.2BETA /i386 install floppies and kernels
To: Rob Windsor <>
From: Webmaster Jim <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/05/1996 01:18:37
On Sep 4,  9:33pm, Rob Windsor wrote:
} Find the one that matches what you see in 'dmesg | head -1' (in the parens),
I looked and found these typos in the kernel strings:

$ strings /netbsd | grep -i reseting
%s: Reseting Channel B
%s: Reseting Channel A
iso_setmcasts: %s needs reseting to receive iso mcasts

$ strings /netbsd | grep -i resetting
%s: selection out while idle; resetting
%s: selection timeout while idle; resetting
%s: unexpected bus phase; resetting

$ strings /netbsd | egrep -i 'wierd|weird'
am7990_config: weird memory size
tp0_stash: tp running over something wierd
tp0_openflow: tp running over something wierd
linux syscall with weird argument size %d
fdcstatus: weird size

~~~ I'd pick `resetting' and `weird' myself ~~~~   Is this worth a PR?
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