Subject: Re: patch #6 for atapi driver
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Jason Downs <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/03/1996 12:24:21
In message <>,
	Manuel Bouyer writes:
>I've updated the files in
>There is some minor changes:
>    - integration of Jason Downs (OpenBSD)'s quirk system, so that old or
>	  strange drive can work (this should make the GoldStar 8X and
>	  NEC Multispin 2Vi work. People having problems, especially with the
>	  ATAPI_READ_CD_CAPACITY command should contact me, their drive now
>      needs a quirk entry (in atapiconf.c, flag AQUIRK_NOCAPACITY).
>	- At Milton Ngan's request, wdc now probes for atapi devices first, and
>	  then wd drives, because some old atapi devices were detected as ide
>	  drives.
>	- Integration of Milton Ngan's fix for some
>	 'wdc_atapi_intr: unknown phase 1' due to a timing problem.
>	- a first step do get the driver indian-independant, from Jason Downs's
>	  openbsd commits ( he got it work on an amiga system).

The entire IDE and ATAPI sub-system in OpenBSD runs on the amiga.  There are
many more changes required to accomplish that (ignoring the fact that ISA
isn't even supported on NetBSD/amiga); this has been a joint effort between
Niklas Hallqvist and myself.

>Note that, as said in the README, I only updated the 1.2-ALPHA diffs,
>as I don't have any PC running 1.1 anymore. People using my driver with
>NetBSD 1.1 will have to use the patch6 file.
>Also, note that the new 'official' site is now
> The diffs at 
> are still up to date (and
>has a better link to the internet than, but I certenly will lose my
>acces to lix in a month or so.
>I can compile a 1.2_BETA kernel for people who can't do it, just send me
>a config file, and I'll send you back an uuencoded kernel.
>Manuel Bouyer, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Techniques Avancees, Paris

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