Subject: Preliminary MCA-bus support patches available
To: None <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Scott Telford <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/02/1996 12:26:43
For a while I've had an old PS/2 Model 70-E61 (with an MCA bus, 2Mb RAM
and 60Mb ESDI disk) lying on the floor of my office here, and for a
while, I've wondered how hard it would be to get NetBSD running on it
(more as an exercise than with any practical end in mind - even if I
did have some PS/2 SIMMs, I haven't got the key to unlock the case 8-().

Well, now I know! I've patched the NetBSD kernel (1.1 pl1) to cope to
some extent with (most of) the idiosyncracies of MCA PS/2s, and added
an "mca" root device modelled on the existing "pci" root device.

So far, I can get my PS/2 booting to single user mode off a floppy and
detecting all the MCA devices installed (the ESDI controller and a
3C523 Ethernet card). I'm getting a lot of floppy seek errors, but that
may be due in part to elderly hardware. Next on the to-do list is a
hacked version of the "ie" driver for the 3C523 and some sort of driver
for the ESDI controller.

If you're interested, check out or

If anybody wants to port this to other BSDs, feel free.

Scott Telford, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre,       <>
University of Edinburgh, Mayfield Rd, Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, UK.(+44 131 650 5978)
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