Subject: Re: censorship, etc..
To: Andrew Gillham <>
From: Hellmuth Michaelis <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/30/1996 09:39:37
>From the keyboard of Andrew Gillham:

> It would be nice if the majordomo descriptions of the various
> mailing lists mentioned "moderated" or something like that.

Yes, that would be very nice.

Also, it would be nice to know _exactly_ what and who is blocked
for what reasons on this mailing list. This information should
not be kept secret!

Also, i would highly appreciate a message from the moderator in
case something is blocked, who was blocked and why it was blocked.

I fear censorship, and i extremely dislike it, history has shown
that it is the first step towards a totalitarian system and i
further think it does not fit together with the development of a
freely available open system.

PS: i'm following (386|Free|Net|Open)BSD for such a long time now,
that i was never aware of a policy change on any of the ML's, so
i was quite shocked. All this lists have survived several flame
wars and that showed that these lists are really able to control
themselves and do not need someone to control them. Its like in
a democracy, if a democracy decides to "moderate" information,
it is no democracy any longer.

Hopefully the core team decides to stop moderating this list!

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