Subject: Re: 1.2_BETA problems / booting on IDE
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/29/1996 11:22:41
> I have a nice semi-new DEC Celebris with a P100 and 16MB.  For
> disk it has a 800MB IDE Maxtor.  I can install NetBSD just
> fine.  However, I can't boot from hard disk.
> I get
> 	Read error
> I can boot via floppy.  I've tried this using the entire disk
> and have a real DOS partition table and a NetBSD partition.
> The same thing happens.  I boot view floppy and boot the hard
> disk and that works fine.
> Ideas?

Funny you should ask that. ;-) We saw this same problem when we
did what we thought was a NetBSD-current "vanilla install" on a
DEC Celebris a few months ago (not that I think the machine type
matters).  The problem is related to disk labeling and
partitioning -- apparently one needs to avoid having any of the
NetBSD partitions overlap with the MBR on the disk, otherwise the
DOS partition table and the MBR will get thrashed.  What we did
was to start the NetBSD partition of the disk (as seen from the
MBR) on the 0th sector on the disk (which in BIOS numbering comes
out to cyl 0 track 0 sector 1), but let the 'a' and 'c' NetBSD
partitions start on track 1 instead of on track 0.

I have a machine running 1.0 and I didn't have to do that "trick"
on that machine -- I suspect something in the disk label code
changed between 1.0 and 1.1 causing this.

- Havard