Subject: Re: comments on i386 -1.2BETA snapshot
To: Theo de Raadt <>
From: Jordan K. Hubbard <>
List: port-i386
Date: 08/28/1996 00:21:45
> Well, that's a theory.  That code has never been made available to the
> public.  In fact, very little new NetBSD stuff has lately.... like
> none.
> I'm curious why you know more about current NetBSD developments than
> these two other NetBSD-using fellows do.  I guess you must be on some
> mailing lists we aren't on.

I'm not aware of being on any special NetBSD mailing lists, just this
port-i386 list I believe.  By my recollection (which is admittedly
sometimes faulty, I'm getting old), Jason discussed it openly in a
general email and openly requested comments.  I also remember not
seeing much in the way of follow-on comments and thinking it a shame
since he'd taken a rather different approach to FreeBSD's userconfig,
and I was curious to see how that approach might pan out if taken to
its logical conclusion.  I don't think it was hidden from so much as
it was simply ignored by the users.

> We haven't got all the things we want yet; you can'd add or clone
> devices yet, instead of you must replace a the existing configuration.
> That's harder with the way the data structures are.  It just requires
> a bit of work that hasn't been done yet.

Sounds interesting.  I've got on my own TODO list the ability to link
different "userconfigs" in so that you can generate kernels with
hacker-oriented userconfigs or user-dumb-as-toast userconfigs (which
will probably also flip -c on by default and be directed rather than
driven).  If nothing else I have a client who's more than happy to pay
me to do that work, so it'll probably happen in the not-so-distant
future.  If somebody wants to yank this stuff into the other *BSDs,
just keep an eye on our commit mailing list.

> Or in the case of NetBSD/i386, it will contain 2.  OpenBSD has 1
> install kernel (like you FreeBSD people, I think).

Yep, just one.  That's all you want since floppies are historic relics
and once you start needing more than one it's time to start thinking
seriously about some sort of floppy/net or floppy/CD combo.  With *BSD
CDs floating around the street for 20 bucks or less, there's really no
excuse to torment the users with multiple floppies anymore.  I look at
a typical Linux distribution and my brain hurts - "jeezis, lookit all
'dese goddamn floppy images!" :)

> OpenBSD has one too.  Look at it, it's great, rather useful.  It's not

I will do.

> It's not very easy to suggest to the public (it is the public who
> suggested that mcd be taken out of the generic NetBSD kernels) that
> they use code which they've never seen, probably not even heard of.

Again, I think it's apathy more than secrecy which killed this one.

> Hmm, I wonder how many people get this mail.  I bet 3.

What, you feeling persecuted or something? :-)